How to Channel 1920s Style for Your Next Party!

Posted 01.05.2017


Everyone knows that the 1920s brought in a new era of style, and even if you haven’t seen ‘The Great Gatsby’, (costumes provided by Angels Costumes in 2013 and 1974, didn’t you know!?), you’ve got to have noticed the abundance of flapper dresses, top hats and tails at every fancy dress party you’ve gone to. The fashion of the 1920s is beautiful, elegant and completely achievable. And lucky for you, we’ll tell you how to achieve that perfect stylish look.

A Look Back

But first, a little history, but don’t worry, it’ll just give you a little background about why these changes in fashion were quite so important. The 20s were a break away from tradition and the strict rules placed on people’s lives. During the Edwardian era there were severe ideals about the roles of men and women, and the different classes. During the First World War many men went off to fight, whilst the women took over their roles in the community, and the men who did come back found their lives changed drastically. As time rolled into the 1920s huge social and political changes were beginning to take place, resulting in incredible new moves forward in music, fashion and ideals.


Ladies Fashion

The rise of Jazz was complimented by changes in fashion, and ladies’ style involved a lot of risqué (!) choices, with hem lines being raised dramatically (scandalous), and waistlines being lowered. Women no longer had to wear tight corsets, crinolines and petticoats which made them look elegant and delicate and instead started to embrace a more androgynous style. Hair was cut short into bobs and, incredibly, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb inspired fashion trends, with gold being used prominently, jewels everywhere and heavy makeup styles. Movie starlets suddenly became inspirational for their makeup and costume choices, and of course, everything was topped off with iconic Closhe hats or headbands with feathers and jewels. The older generations were completely shocked by the fashion revolution!


Get the Look

Possibly the most iconic way to embrace 1920s fashion, is with an elegant flapper dress. Sheer fabrics, handkerchief hemlines, fringing, beading and Egyptian themes are particularly important for the look. The 20s style is definitely not about shying away from attention.

Accessories are essential. No 20s get-up is complete unless it’s dripping with jewels, and there needs to be at least one feather present. A feather boa or two will never go amiss! Short hairstyles were incredibly popular, which can easily be achieved with a wig, or by pulling up hair to emulate the shorter style. Straight, curly or finger-waved hair are all encouraged. Dark, emphasised lips, smoky eyes and rouged cheeks are also a must-have when it comes to the finishing touches.


Men’s fashion

Evening wear must be the most iconic look favoured by men during the Roaring 20s. With top hats, tails and white gloves all being the height of fashion. Double-breasted suits with defined shoulders and revere collars wouldn’t have looked out of place at a Jazz bar. Sports were incredibly popular, with fashion choices stemming from golf – whilst American films inspired fashionable Gangster Suits.  The Gangster was one of the hottest looks of the 20s! White spats, pocket watch chains and pinstripes being all the rage. Pair your suit with some braces and a tommy gun and you’ll look like you’ve stepped out of a movie. Our range of bespoke hire costumes and fancy dress will be sure to have you looking dapper and like you’ve just stepped out of the Capone Era.



  Get the Look

Channel the flair of gangsters by adding a hat, Tommy gun and braces to fashion a menacing yet stylish outfit. Look dapper in our range of either packet or hire suits, and roam the streets (or party) with your gang! Have your fingers blinding with the flare of gold rings, swing your pocket watch by the chain, puff on your cigar and get up to no good!


Movie Stars

1920s style just would be entirely different without the popularity of movies. The incredible fashion broadcasted to the world through them is astonishing. Silent movies were all the range, and you can emulate the stars of those films with costumes and makeup. Charlie Chaplin was one of the most popular actors from these films, causing the fame of his tramp character’s outfit.

And, of course, behind every good film is a talented director. Grab your beret and moustache and direct some of the most iconic Hollywood movies of all times. The Directors Costume is classic! Give off those Cecil B. DeMille vibes in the beige jodhpurs, a beret and monocle to finish the look.  Couple up with a roaring red flapper girl who can shimmy her sparkles and fluff up her feather boa!